The Living Soil Lab

The Living Soil Lab was inspired by the work of world-renowned soil microbiologist and former Chief Scientist at Rhodale Institute, Dr. Elaine Ingham. Josef Biechler, during his time as a student at MUM decided to start a micro-enterprise with the Sustainable Living Department on campus to demonstrate the application of the soil-food-web knowledge. Josef and his partner Molly Haviland received extensive training with Dr. Ingham as interns at Rodale Institute after taking the Living Soil course at MUM. LSL’s mission is to provide a resource for high quality compost, compost tea, compost extract and soil biology assessments for Jefferson County. Their aim is to educate the community and demonstrate the value of biologically active soil amendments.

I joined the team in the fall of 2012 and spent the next 10 months in the lab doing microscopy assessments and helping build, monitor and apply compost, compost teas and extracts for clients in Jefferson County, IA. Since then I have moved on to the east coast to pursue other interests, however I still affiliate with LSL and promote their good work!

Here is AST’s first Newsletter that I created while working there in the spring 2013, as well as the Brochure for customers in the community.


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