EcoFairfield 2012

“Exploring Sustainability through Serving, Connecting, and Inspiring the Community of Fairfield”

During the 2011-2012 school year I served as one of two primary organizers of this event. Initially, my involvement was focused around organizing volunteers for a weekend of service in the community to plant a public orchard. Toward the end my responsibilities grew to everything from acquiring sponsorships, coordinating speakers and workshops, making programs, introducing the keynote speaker Seth Braun, and even modeling a line of men’s swimsuits in the “Ecojam” Fashion Show!

So What is “EcoFairfield?”

EcoFairfield’s purpose is to serve, connect, and inspire Fairfield residents with a focus on themes of social and ecological betterment.  We promote and organize community service opportunities, offer networking events, connect people with local experts, and share inspiring knowledge through talks & hands-on workshops, as well as social media.  Through these activities, we aim to build partnerships, connect resources with opportunities, support community dialog to broaden mutual understanding, and increase community self-sufficiency.  Each spring, EcoFairfield partners with community organizations to co-host a Festival that serves, connects, and inspires Fairfield residents through celebration, education, and community service the weekend or week of Earth Day (April 22nd.)  EcoFairfield has 501c3 non-profit status as a sponsored project of the Sustainable Living Coalition.  Donations are tax deductible.

For more general information about visit the website at:


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