Theme:  Suburban property with revitalized home structure occupied by mature single woman.

Scenario ~ 

Our client, an executive in two businesses and nearing retirement, has done much renovation and beautifying of her home and area in the 3 years she’s owned it.  Her home is located on a 1.3 acre sloping property, with an expansive lawn and lots of edge with trees. She is continuing to make it into a beautiful, tidy, aesthetically~pleasing sanctuary for herself and her friends, children and someday~grandchildren, including some production of food, herbs, fruit trees.  She is implementing the elements and functions supportive of this end now, while she has the means, so that she can enjoy it with less maintenance in the years to come.  Her overarching value inspiring her vision and design is: Simplicity of Lifestyle, and Peace.

~ Our Vision ~ 

Sanctuary ~  My home and property offer a beautiful, comfortable space of ease, respite and relaxation, with a private and secluded feel.  Self-sustaining compound-like.

~ hedging or some sort of trees or visual border obscuring the road and traffic on the North side of the property

 I don’t have anything that requires too much maintenance
~ working with relative location and stacking functions ~ ~   maximum efficiency and symbiosis [this is our idea/solution].

Aesthetic ~  When I return home or gaze out of my window, I feel ease, calm, serenity and joy at the beauty, life and color I see around me.  My property is tidy and park-like, low maintenance; less is more. [Our interpretation:  a “manicured Eden” feel.]  In addition, within this ambience, I enjoy having small, tucked~away areas, little magical havens where children or fairies might play.  I like to feel and remember the magic of childhood, in this way. 

My style is, “Less is more.”

Balance between natural and tidy.
~ I grow a wide-array of flowers, herbs, and vegetables
* aesthetically pleasing and functional for eating
~ My deck offers space for pots of beautiful flowers and useful plants for my kitchen
~ Wildflowers and prairie flowers (including scented flowers) in some areas, ~ in some of the more ‘natural’ sections. Echinacea, too.
~ Butterfly Garden

My home and land is a serene, beautifully maintained, park-like space where I feel cozy quietude.
~ I enjoy open space in my yard where I can see green grass and possibly some chickens running around.

Various little havens around the yard where children can escape from view and enjoy secret play-places and imagine.
~ 4-year-old weekly visitor
~ grandchildren

Food Production ~   I like being able to walk around and pick berries here and there; and for my friends and younger~generation relations to have the joy of doing the same.  I love having fruit trees.  I enjoy having vegetables, herbs and other foods available to harvest and share with my friends when they come to visit.

I create spaces for growing food ~ vegetables, herbs for my own and my friends and family’s consumption
~ My deck offers space for pots of beautiful flowers and useful plants for my kitchen
~ I have a few (2+) 4 x 8 raised beds for primarily food cultivation, including:
– Tomatoes
– Peppers
– Butternut squash
– Cucumbers
– Lettuce
– Scallions
-Jerusalem Artichoke
~ I have a south-facing deck attached to a greenhouse
* I grow a plethora of seedlings
* This provides additional warmth for my home
~ Chickens benefit from plant and food scraps
~ My new compost pile / worm bin offers additional nutrients and organic matter; micro-organisms and fungus, to enrich my soils and increase the health of my plants.

Having several varieties of berries growing on my property
~ reminds me of my childhood
~ is fun for the children and others to pick and eat when they are visiting
~ they are tasty!

I love having fruit trees.
~ I have 2-3 apple trees on my site, replacing the ones which were destroyed by deer foraging.
* fencing for these new trees
* manuring / pest control (chickens?)

I grow a wide-array of flowers, herbs, and vegetables
~ aesthetically pleasing and functional for eating

Chickens run around the property
~ provide me with eggs, and their presence and liveliness (also pest control, manure…).

Family/Friends/Community ~  having welcoming space to share with friends and family to come and enjoy quality time and meals together is important to me.  {Contributes to meeting social/emotional needs.}

My friends, children (and grandchildren), including a four-year-old who visits weekly, enjoy the ambience of my property. 
~ adds to my quality of life, and theirs

Children have places to explore and and imagine, play and wonder.
~ several magical~feeling havens, tucked away from the wide open space.
* smaller, arching trees/shrubs, shade and partial shade, decor which promotes this ambience.

Play / Active Area

Wide open spaces remain for children to play and be active in, and others to enjoy as well.
~ expansive lawn spaces remain
~ hedge and other natural borders around the property enclose this area

Some food production areas share these spaces.  Multi-functional.
~ Some berries here
~ fruit trees {climbing, too?}

Various spaces around the yard where children can escape from view and enjoy secret play-places
* I have a sandbox for kids to play in

Additional possible values, goals, objectives, criteria:

“What you’re doing [Permaculture] is very, very good.  For everything.”
Very willing to do modification of existing areas and elements, layout.
Wanting to do as much design and implementation of goals as possible now, so that it will be in place in the coming years.
‘Why put off until tomorrow, what can be done today?’   ~ goal-oriented, gets things done!  Very efficient. 
Minimalist, high quality
~Butterfly garden
~More berries
~Raised beds ~ this year

Has a lot of deer
Healthy relationship to outdoors work: “Anything I do outside, it’s not because I have to; it’s because I want to.”  Working out in nature is Good Medicine. 
Can afford to pay others to do maintenance work for her at this point in time.
Attention to / modification of North-side island . . .
Hidden magical spaces
Wants to invite birds
Wants lots of color
Keep the visual horizon ~  this is soothing.
Native species
Wants to be reminded of childhood with playful, imaginative place
Self-sustaining compound


~Mission Statement~

Suzie Zolo’s Permaculture Paradise is a natural sanctuary that reflects a Park perfect environment within the self sustaining compound. The elements and landscape are upgraded to perform many functions, including food production with a mix of garden beds and wild edibles, components for butterfly and bird attraction, composting and energy cycling with chickens, and simple, aesthetic and recreational beauty. From native species of fruits, vegetable, flowers and nuts to redesign of special places for reflection, appreciation of nature, child’s play and outdoor’s creative expression, this comprehensive design is perfect for enjoying with family and friends. Best of all, the landscape is aligned with the design principles of permaculture and honors the natural functions of the surrounding ecology.


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