Phases of Implementation

25.    Phases of implementation- (1 – 2 years, 3 – 5 years, 6 – 10 years, 10 – 25 year plan)

  • A written document explaining how the design will evolve.
  • This might include planting strategies for a sequential installation, succession pathways for different patches, the evolution of construction projects, etc.
  • It should definitely include the human element of your guilds. Who is going to take care of this design after it is implemented?
5 Patches
  • Araron’s herb Garden – Year 1, full implementation
  • Jim’s NE Perennial Food Garden – Year 1, for bed re-construction and rain catchment/rain barrel implementation; Year 2, for fruit harvest of berries and planting new elements.
  • Tom’s Northern Buffer & Berry Patch – Year 1, for installation of entire Buffer and berry patch; Year 2, for Berry harvest and fill-out of hedgerow
  • Anala’s Rain Garden – Year 1 for installation of grey water integration and rain garden, Year 2 for assessment of filtration and absorptions
  • Jenti’s Fruits and Nuts – Year 1, for replanting some trees & planting primary fruit and nut trees; Year 3, for first apple harvest; Year 5, for first nut harvest
Water Catchment – Year 1, Installation of 1500 Gallon Cistern  Re-orientation and modification of downspouts to include overflow and filter with 50/50 diversion for Rain Garden and Cistern; Year 2 for assessment of function and re-design if any
Grey Water System – Year 1, Full installation and house modification to plumbing to allow all grey water to exit to appropriate drainage areas in Rain Garden
Deck – Year 1, Design and deck from Dining area of home, with stairs to grade to the west rear of the home and intention to access greenhouse on east side; Year 2, build deck in Spring after earthwork for green house and grey water conversion
Greenhouse – Year 2, Build greenhouse with plumbing & electrical before Deck
Trellis Rear Entry – Year 2, to be installed after Deck is built and paths stabilized
Vegetable boxes – Year 1, after placement in designated location, fill and plant now
Southeast Prickly Thicket – Year 1, with fast growing Sea Buckthorn, Gooseberry, Yarrow, Allium, Foxgloves, Northern Bayberry, Yucca
Stream Restoration with Willows and ground cover – Year 1, observe and plan for year 2, then plant willows and drop log for water diversion to build bank back
Animal Hedge – Year 1, with fast growing Sea Buckthorn, Gooseberry, Yucca
Western Privacy Buffer – Year 1, fall planting of Elderberry and Aronia
6-10 years
  • Coppicing shrubbery
  • Harvesting fruit, nuts, vegetables
  • Maintaining compost systems
10-25 years
  • Repair and replacement of vital infrastructure
    • Greenhouse, water cistern
  • general site maintenance
Human Element
  • Paid help for lawncare and control of some hedge/bush growth
  • Client and friends/family tending (seasonally) to perennial, annual, and potted gardens
    • Worm compost
    • Greenhouse

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