Conceptual Planning

Steps 16-17: Conceptual Planning- During this phase you will be taking the first two phases and beginning to generate design ideas.  You start by creating a literary vision of the property full of sensation and experience.  From there you continue on this highly creative phase with various whimsical and fun iterations of the design site possibilities.  You will use the information of your analysis to alter flows, deal with sectors, create functional interconnections.  Applications of the principles as well as meeting prime directives of the client and Permaculture philosophy are overarching goals.

Design Concept

A natural hedge to the Northeast keeps the property cozy, with a tucked-away feeling to it ~while remaining open and spacious within this protected space.  Three young maple trees promise to provide some cooling shade to this area as they grow and mature year after year, and several berry varieties in the Eastern perennial bed offer a tasty, refreshing snack to those who arrive for a visit, or return home.  Garden beds throughout the property  draw extra color, life and pollinators to the property (especially butterflies), and just south of the house, cleansing and infiltrating grey-water and runoff, a rain garden is preceded by a small constructed wetland, inhabited by lush green plant life, frogs, insect larvae; this and her vermi-composting system provide abundant nutrients and nourishment to the nearby vegetable beds.  As we continue down the hill, the pathways flow naturally with the contour of the land, passing by little hidden nooks, magical havens with trellis-growing fruit and berries for children and others to savor; and occasional wildlife visits the more~wild area to the South, as far as the buckthorn~gooseberry border.   There is an overall feeling of simple beauty and peace

Full Schematic Design



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