Step 15

15.  Identify off site Resources: The format of this will be a bulleted list. What community and economic resources are available to help with your design and mission for the site: These might include markets, farms, restaurants, schools, sawmills, breweries, dumps, etc. (quickly collated as a group)

From Jim:

Cold compost bins

  • Brighton Ag. LLC – nursery and garden center
  • 114 W. Washington Ave, Fairfield
  • Oakwood Nursery & Garden Center
  • 1000 Oakwood Blvd, Fairfield

Yard furniture (sustainable/recycled wood)

  • Benches, trellace, gazebo

Local fruit/nut trees

  • Unkrich Ag Nurseries N-s
  • 2606 Osage Ave, Fairfield, IA 52556-8824
  • p: 641 472 7647
  • Brian’s Fruit and Nut trees
  • Abundance Eco-village

Sources for aquatic plants/cattail

  • Hydra Aquatic, Inc.
  • Selling wetland plants and nursery
  • Albuquerque, NM

Basketmakers/wood workers who could use wood scraps and coppice

From Jenti:

Inputs: Available lawn & gardening services in Fairfield:

Green Carpet Lawn Services: lawn maintenance help, assessment, landscaping ideas.

Roush tree services: equipment, tools, machinery, seeds, assistance, etc.

Nursery & Garden Centers: seeds, equipment, assistance, etc.

Fairfield Flower shop: Equipment, supplies, ideas, etc.

Simplicity flowers: collaboration, exchanges.

From Tom:

1. Vo-tech or school to assist with Greenhouse design

2. Closed down Mother’s day markets for short sale plantings or throw away soils and pots

3. All road repairs right now are digging up lawns and replacing plants with new ones, check them out and make deal with workers to deliver.

4. After storms, check spillways and overflowed streams for cool driftwood, stones, unknown outdoor art for cool placements

5. Development across street will have recycling bins and also throw aways that will be good for building planter boxes

6. Tear down on Adams was giving away windows, good for hot houses, check for more including beams and framing for trellis, why buy wood

Tear down for wood and windows

8. Hire farmer to build or design henhouse and in exchange for buying your resources and hens there, and giving you instruction on care.

9. Agree to clear berry brambles from local that wants them gone and replant starters in our patch.

From Anala:

Plant identification and ‘companionship’ knowledge

– field guides

– ‘edible forest gardens’ book

– people like Brian, Doug & al.

– internet


– the city – free:  call Avi (& al. ~ can help find and haul it)

– big pile of MUM ‘compost’, out by a barn somewhere…  (may not actually be composting?)


– big pile of free mulch the city of Fairfield wants to get rid of (ask Avi)

– other friends and neighbors with excess

– straw from local fields

– leaves in the fall~  plenty on her property

Fruit trees, berries &c.

– continuing tree (&c.) sale @ Abundance Ecovillage

– Oikos

– online nurseries &c.

Native and other plants to grow

– nearby forest and fields, any uncultivated areas

– contact neighbors and friends for extras of their favorite saved seeds, starts, &c.

– nurseries

– catalogs (Oikos, &c.)

– online

– ask friendly neighborhood permaculturists and gardeners for tips and leads

Labor, lawnmowing, &c.

– hired lawnmower (at least for now)

– hiring others ~  students are a good resource;

Implementation of Permaculture design ideas, and landscaping/garden work

– hire some of our classmates!   …and/or Brian  : )

– let Brian teach a permaculture workshop or two on-site…  get lots of work done!

– friends and acquaintances ~ have them over for a potluck / gardening party


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