Spontaneous Right Action, In Poetry Form

(Gratefully and unexpectedly)Received the morning of 4/12 via text message from a star shining bright on the TM Teacher Training course:

“U r perfection in my eyes, and i see perfection expanding to infinity.

You r the collapse of infinity to its point value,

amazing grace is your smiling, beautiful face.

Your radiance inspires the stars to shine brighter

and moves the night from dusk to dawn.

You are Lover of Creation,

Brahma clothed in flesh and blood,

wherever i c, i c u my Lord!

Then i realize, ive been lookn in ur eyes,

the tellers of all Truth.

They reveal that what i c when i look

at the beauty that is u is the Truth that is we!

U r the reason why flowers bloom

or new born babies smile.

U r That intelligence that herolds,

“from bliss i’ve come and to bliss i shall return,”

u r Absolute !! And i love u Absolutely!”


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