SCI and Soil Food Web connections with Health in mind

The principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) were articulated by Maharishi to outline the creative principles of the intelligent energy of nature. These principles can be applied to virtually every subject or discipline, and as students of both soil science and Vedic science it is necessary to see how some of the principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence apply to the soil food web. Futher, our conception of health is very important in our understanding of the soil food web as the basis for soil health and plant health; since human health is so closely connected with the health of plants and our agricultural systems it is also useful to define health in the context of this SCI-SFW comparison.

As students of SCI we know that “knowledge is structured in consciousness…As a consequence, knowledge is different in different states of consciousness and therefore one must develop consciousness to its full value in order to have full knowledge.” In the soil food web knowledge is expressed through soil microorganisms and is structured in trophic layers and microorganismic interactivity; the presence of microorganismic activity at the various trophic levels allows for the full value of the growing capacity of the soil. Like knowledge, the soil is different in different “states;” depending on the fullness of correct biology in the soil the growing capacity of the soil will be greater or less.

The SCI principle of diversity is of utmost relevance to the soil food web; the principle states that “harmony exists in diversity.” When we observe a biologically active soil food web we see how the dynamic interactions of hundreds of kinds of microorganisms create abundant available nutrients useful to plants, a diversity of plants provide food bacteria and fungi, and microorganismic activity including worm activity create aggregated  loamy soil enabling roots to grow deeply and with full strength. What we see when the SCI principle of diversity is expressed in the soil food web is a thriving system: An emergent whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the context of SCI and the SFW, the definition of health can be examined in the emergent properties of systems. It is clear that in the principle of “harmony in diversity” the emergent whole is greater than the sum of its parts; I would say that the emergent whole is also stronger than the sum of its parts, and thus the emergent whole is healthier. My definition of health deals with things in terms of systems and wholes, not just parts; that is not to deny the relevance or importance of parts; a fully functioning system has parts, and the parts are working together as nature intended to produce the emergent properties that support the growth of symbiotic life (as opposed to parasitic).


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