6/9/11: Rivers and Tides

This film seemed to act as a moving, living, digital signpost pointing my attention to the present moment in such a unique way. Andy Goldsworthy, the artist whom the film crew documented, spends his time outside in a “Natural” environment creating art from that which literally lies around him. He marvelously displayed his vision through meticulous and thoughtful designs from the elements and organic matter in the given setting. No matter where this guy was he seemed poised and inspired in his spontaneous and brilliant designs; color, texture, shape, movement, structure, wind, water, sun, moon (tide), all participated in the various designs shown in the film. I can’t explain what he does. His co-creations (and process of co-creation) are inspired by something beyond human-artist effort –effort that was nonetheless required to act out the creative intelligent inspiration. This man does with Nature what Dale Chihuly does with glass; that’s all I can say.

Samples of Andy Goldsworthy’s work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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