6/11/11: Ecofeminism

The readings for ecofeminism were 3-fold and included one interview, one article, and one chapter from a book. The interview helped give us some good context around which to understand ecofeminism, providing information about the “patchwork” nature of ecofeminist thought, and how it is not to be thought of as one single ideology or philosophy. Further, the article (written by the interviewee, Karen Warren) offered a vision of a “Transformative Feminism,” weaving ecofeminist thought to expand upon the traditional concept of feminism as “the movement to end women’s oppression” and “makes a responsible ecological perspective central to feminist theory and practice.” Following the Karen’s article, Freya Matthews outlined in her chapter on Ecofeminism and Deep Ecology the rational support behind her conclusion “that there is an inconsistency at the heart of Deep Ecology.” Ultimately, Matthews sees Ecofeminism and Deep Ecology as complimentary perspectives: “While ecofeminism humanizes Deep Ecology, you might say, Deep Ecology does indeed deepen ecofeminism.”

At this point in the course I’m really happy Professor Travis included these readings in with all the others. It feels so necessary to include feminist and ecofeminist perspectives into our study of Deep Ecology. I feel this way because, in a big way, I identify with and recognize the connections that ecofeminists make between “how we think about and treat women and other oppressed groups and how we think about and tread nonhuman nature.” So I look forward to discussing these readings in class today and integrating these ideas in the weeks to come.


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